Joel Clayton Historic House Museum

The Clayton Historical Society was founded in 1974 to “research, collect, record, preserve, display, borrow, share, and interpret local history information and memorabilia, and to promote understanding of Clayton origins and development.”

Its volunteers finance, maintain and operate the non-profit Clayton Historical Museum as the major local history resource for students, writers, genealogical researchers, city and county needs, developers, businesses, new residents, and visitors including many from other states and countries.

It locates, records, inventories, publicizes and marks historic sites, buildings and natural features making recommendations.

In addition to maintaining regular museum hours, the Society hosts student classes and special tours and opens the Museum upon request. The Society has developed a “twinning” bond with Joel Clayton’s birth town, Bugsworth, England, and the town he founded.

If you wish to join the Clayton Historical Society or are looking to get involved through volunteerism, please visit our membership page or contact the Museum directly.


Board of Directors:
Vice President:
JoAnn Caspar
Vice President of Membership:
Joan Bergum
Julie Pierce
Nancy Dunn
Carin Kaplan ~ Jan Rubiales ~ Linda Cruz
Steve Lane ~ Debbie Eistetter ~ William Jordan
Curator Emeritus:
Renée Wing
Past Presidents:
 Julie Gilchrist ~ Bob Hoyer
Andrea Blachman ~ Barbara Hardy
Richard Ellis ~ Janet Easton
Ted Meriam ~ JoAnn Caspar ~ Michael Wendorf
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