New Exhibit

Buxworth in the High Peak,
In Delightful Derbyshire County

The new 2021 exhibit at the Joel Clayton Historic House Museum celebrates the village and county where our town’s founder, Joel Clayton, was born and raised. Through photos and text, Museum visitors will enjoy their introduction to Derbyshire County, England, its ancient and more recent history, its geography, its people, industries, and attractions.

Specially featured on the North wall are twelve photos graciously donated by Buxworth’s own favorite art photographer, Mark Lomas, and the Association of Buxworth and Clayton (the “ABC-ers”)

Questions will be answered, such as: Where in the world is Buxworth? What is Brierley Green Farm? What were Buxworth’s early industries? Why is the town’s name spelled both Buxworth and Bugsworth? What is the Peak Forest Canal? Why are Buxworth and Clayton twinned? Why did the Romans find the region so attractive? How did Derbyshire lead the way in the Industrial Revolution? What was the Cotton Famine? What is Well Dressing? What is the famous Bakewell Pudding? What exquisite and rare mineral is found only in the caves in Derbyshire? What is potholing?

The photos, facts, and attractions presented to the viewer will whet the appetite for a deeper investigation of Clayton, California’s, “motherland”. They may prompt a hop “across the pond” for those adventuresome souls seeking to experience it all in person. Send us a postcard and we will add it to the exhibit!

Watch out for that Bakewell Pudding; it is 1100 calories a serving! But, if you find it irresistible, just remember that Derbyshire is crisscrossed with exhilarating walking trails through spectacular countryside. You will quickly work off those extra calories! Enjoy the exhibit and, if you can, enjoy the County of Derbyshire and the Village of Buxworth in person. Step back in history and forward into the experience of a lifetime.

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