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Learn more about the rich history of Clayton, CA
by reading accounts of its people and places.

Clayton History

Joel Clayton

The story of the Clayton Historical Society and Museum must begin with a few words about Joel Clayton, founder of the town. Joel was born in the mining village of Bugsworth (now Buxworth), Derbyshire, England, probably in 1812…read more.

Clayton Club Saloon

Clayton’s oldest continuously operating business, now known as The Clayton Club Saloon, is located on Main Street . It was built by Jacob (Jake) Rhine circa 1873; Jake operated a Hotel/Saloon and ice cream parlor…read more.

Clayton Jail

In the year 1903 Mrs. Kirkwood Clare took a photo that showed our jail located on Oak Street across from the old Endeavor Hall near the school bridge….read more.

Coal Mining

When James Marshall discovered gold in 1848 in Coloma, men and women swarmed to California by the tens of thousands seeking wealth and a new life in the West…read more.

De Martini Winery

Near the confluence of Mitchell and Mount Diablo Creeks, Joel Clayton planted 28 acres with a variety of grapes, and built a small winery which later became known as the “sherry house” for distilling brandy and sherry…read more.

Endeavor Hall

Endeavor Hall has always been the heart of the Clayton community, playing a vital part in the community’s social life & civic development. For approximately 135 years people have gathered in the hall to worship, mourn the departed, dance, celebrate…read more.

Keller Ranch

The Keller Ranch has played a significant role in Clayton’s early history. Joel Clayton had originally owned the property that later became known as Keller Ranch…read more.

The Growler

The Growler is comprised of two buildings built in the late 1800s that were moved back from Main Street and joined to become a restaurant….read more.

Mt. Diablo School

Joel Clayton founded the town of Clayton in 1857, expecting it to become a center for mining activities around Mt. Diablo. He soon began to establish services that a town would need….read more.

Pioneer Inn

When Joel Clayton founded the town that eventually was named after him, he envisioned that it would become the commercial and industrial center for the developing coal mining industry…read more.

Camellia Tea

For centuries, the leaves of Camellia sinensis have been used to brew a stimulating tea that has been associated with rituals of religion, comfort and hospitality around the world. In that spirit, the Clayton Historical Society hosts a Silver Camellia Tea each year to honor descendants of Clayton pioneer families… read more.

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